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Electricity 101: The Top 101 Online Resources

The top 101 online resources for electricians and electrical engineers

by Electrical Engineering


From power companies to home electricians, the industry of energy encompasses a broad swath of businesses, technology experts, and amateur tinkerers, and a lot of them are sharing great information online! Check out No.95

  • National Association of Electrical Distributors


    The National Association of Electrical Distributors is a non-profit with a focus on bringing together the electrical industry, educate others, and contribute to valuable research. For electricians and electrical engineers, this site is a necessity.

    – Bright Post: Electrical Distribution

  • OSHA Electrical


    The Occupational Safety & Health Administration outlines all of the dangers and safety precautions associated with electricity and those who work with it. It’s a very informative guide and a necessity before working as an electrician or electrical engineer.

    – Bright Post: Introduction

  • Edison’s Desk


    Edison’s Desk is all information from different researchers all talking about different developments in the electricity field and the innovations we can expect to see in the coming years. The usefulness of seeing future innovations is almost unparalleled.

    – Bright Post: The Edison Program at GE

  • Pro Certs Software – Electrical Apps for Electricians and Electrical Engineers


    Pro Certs Software – Electrical Apps highlights all of the key apps electricians and electrical engineers can use to make their jobs easier and be more effective in their respective fields. The site breaks down app for the iPhone, Android, and even Windows Phone 7.

    – Bright Post: App Developers

  • YouGen


    YouGen provides great tips concerning energy and how to save it and make it more efficient. The blog page within the site breaks down different advice and tools concerning energy.

    – Bright Post: Energy Saving

  • Pegasus Lighting Blog


    Pegasus Lighting runs a useful blog aimed at providing great tips on lighting projects and the best ways to go about them by helping dispel misinformation associated with them. The blog is superb and their advisory posts touch on many different aspects of electrical engineering and lighting.

    – Bright Post: Why Does My Fluorescent Light Have Swirling Lines?

  • Everything’s Connected by Remke Industries


    Everything’s Connected by Remke Industries looks at some of the most pertinent electrical engineering news today and discusses how it will likely impact the industry in the future. The site’s particular strength is its ability to convey need-to-know information in such a concise manner that keeps the reader’s attention.

    – Bright Post: CSA Compliant Electrical Connectors

  • Atlantic Energy Blog


    Atlantic Energy Blog looks at different energy issues in the New York City area and unlike many other sites, provides a great take on some of the legislative elements to electrical work.

    – Bright Post: Long Island Power Authority Chooses Caithness

  • The Bluebonnet Blog


    The Bluebonnet Blog of Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative details great information about electricity co-ops and great news concerning electricity. The site also has a useful breakdown of different categories within electricity for searching for information efficiently.

    – Bright Post: Bluebonnet Members Beware of Recent Fraud Attempts

  • Illuminating Engineering Society


    Illuminating Engineering Society was founded in 1906 and is the technical authority on illumination. Obviously, this is very relevant to electricians looking to ensure that their work is up to code and falls within the guidelines of the organization.

    – Bright Post: Light Logic

  • Electrical Engineer Students European Association


    The Electrical Engineer Students European Association focuses on equipping students with the best information for their journey to becoming full-fledged electrical engineers. Students can sign up for a great newsletter and also sign up for different events and projects to become further involved.

    – Bright Post: Events and Projects

  • Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc.


    Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. presents useful training and education programs to prospective electrical engineers, along with helping support the needs of those electrical contractors with their own businesses. The site works well because of its dense amount of content and high quality posts.

    – Bright Post: Products & Services

  • Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers


    The Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers is the official organization for engineers in computer science and those working with electrical technology. It is the organization one needs to join when an electrician or working with electrical technology.

    – Bright Post: Research Groups

  • Electrical Trends


    Electrical Trends is an engaging source for the latest happenings in electrical engineering with a regularly updated feed of content. The site’s ability to gauge prominent trends in the field is well worth noting, especially due to their breadth.

    – Bright Post: Industry Updates

  • Mr. Sparky Blog


    Mr. Sparky Blog is run by seasoned electrician Darrell Boyd based in the Seattle-area. Posts on the blog highlight useful products and great advisory information pertaining to electrical engineering and tasks that can be done around the house to ensure safety.

    – Bright Post: Electrical Products Worth Noting For Your Home

  • Hovey Electric Power Blog


    Hovey Electric Power Blog analyzes the most effective ways to save energy and manage electrical needs. The site’s impressive array of services, along with their online store, makes them a go-to source.

    – Bright Post: Electrical Services

  • Indiana Distributed Energy Alliance (IDEA) Blog


    Indiana Distributed Energy Alliance Blog works to ensure that renewable energy is integrated into the future of electrical work. The site is great for getting more information on what’s going on in the field of energy in Indiana.

    – Bright Post: Net Metering

  • Tom Henry’s Code Electrical Classes


    Tom Henry’s Code Electrical Classes Inc. & Bookstore has all information relating to electrical code and how to implement the best safety precautions as an electrician or electrical engineer. It’s also a great source for info on different products, services, seminars, and more.

    – Bright Post: Electrical Code Seminar and Class Schedule

  • Electrician’s Toolbox


    The Electrician’s Toolbox focuses their content on helping electricians and those in the electrical construction. The site has in-depth content and doesn’t spend time going through rudimentary principles of electricity.

    – Bright Post: Electrical Theory

  • Blog Corley


    Blog Corley posts information from Corley Plumbing & Electric, a company based in the Greenville, South Carolina area. The strength of their blog lies in the ability to address common issues that people face and are unsure how to address.

    – Bright Post: Why is My Air Conditioner Marking a Dripping Noise?

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners


    The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners helps promote the latest in energy standards and educates on solar technology as it relates to electrical engineering and more. It’s also a great place to get more information on alternative energy.

    – Bright Post: Entry Level



    IEEE-HKN is a membership organization focusing on engineering, physical sciences, biological and medical sciences, mathematics, technical communications, education, management, law, and policy. The site’s strength rests in its ability wide-ranging content and its support for members.

    – Bright Post: Overview

  • Open Electrical Blog


    Open Electrical Blog works to convey the latest information concerning electrical operations to anyone interested in gaining more insight into the rapid developments.

    – Bright Post: Steinmetz on Electrical Engineering Education in 1908

  • Energy Central


    Energy Central consistently provides the latest news in the electricity industry, complete with a job center to help those in the field find a new or better job. The newsletter on the sight is really useful for picking specific elements of news to help cater the newsletter to you.

    – Bright Post: Generation Storage

  • ECN Electrical Forum


    The ECN Electrical Forum is a prominent meeting place for electricians, inspectors, and other professionals working with electricity. It’s a fantastic place for them to come together, discuss different issues in their jobs or other questions they may have.

    – Bright Post: General Discussion Area

  • The Energy Collective


    The Energy Collective is an engaging site that promotes energy efficiency and conservation, along with giving voices to some of the most prominent members in the field today concerning energy. The posts are great for learning more about power grids, sustainability, and how we can best make a difference.

    – Bright Post: Irreversible Trends Spur Consumer Energy Independence: Part 1

  • Energy Blogs


    Energy Blogs is crucial to the electrical community, in part because of the incredible amount of content they have, but also because it’s often translated into a form that is much easier to digest for someone reading it in passing.

    – Bright Post: Power Rate Revolutionary Heads to PERC

  • Areva Blog


    Areva’s North America Next Energy Blog is an in-depth resource for analyzing some of the upcoming innovations throughout the continent concerning energy. What makes the site so impressive is their wide array of content, including posts on the environment and different implications the energy we use can have on it.

    – Bright Post: Stuck on a Plateau of Clean Air Energy Percentages

  • Centre for Energy


    The Centre for Energy is Canada’s leading site for understanding different implications of energy throughout various contexts, namely how electricity can continue to pave a path in which less dependence is stressed onto fossil fuels. The site’s great tools on energy resources are great, but the “Energy and You” page provides great perspective from which to see how energy use affects us all.

    – Bright Post: Energy Facts and Statistics

  • EEWeb

    Electrical Engineering Web is one of the best meeting places on the internet for electrical engineers looking to find the latest news and discuss issues with other professionals. Additionally, it’s a great place to try to find a job or a local electrical engineering event.

    – Bright Post: Electronics Forum

  • Power for the Future


    Power for the Future is a prominent Canadian blog that demonstrates how far we’ve come technologically and we will continue to go in order to best prepare ourselves for a continued role of using electricity in our everyday lives. The gorgeous site is very inviting for users to read in-depth articles on the issues.

    – Bright Post: Electric and Magnetic Fields: Extensive Research Determines No Health Risks

  • Iowa Energy Center Blog


    The Iowa Energy Center showcases some of the latest news pertaining to the advancement in the field of energy and the unique ways that this situates society to be more efficient and productive. The posts are great due to their insight and great depth.

    – Bright Post: Risk Of Energy Breakdowns Have Seeking Other Options

  • Ambit Energy Consultant Blog


    Ambit Energy Consultant Blog is an integral part of the electrician and electrical engineer community because of their history as being a leader in innovation combined with their site’s impressive depth of quality on articles.

    – Bright Post: Texas Electricity Rates: Bundled Rate Vs Unbundled

  • Don Branzuela | Ambit Energy Consultant Blog


    Don Branzuela | Ambit Energy Consultant Blog is a great voice when it comes to energy and his notoriety reaffirms his tremendous insight into different energy needs.

    – Bright Post: Players in the Texas Electricity Market

  • Learn Electrical Engineering for Beginners


    Learn Electrical Engineering for Beginners displays an impressive ability to navigate the field of electrical engineering and provide information to those just starting out. The posts all simplify different ideas, but not to the point of rendering them useless.

    – Bright Post: Generation of a Wine Wave of Voltage

  • Brite Electric Company Blog


    Brite Electric Co was started by an electrician and has grown largely and provides great information on different electrical services. The blog features awesome tips on how to save money and good things to watch out for as a consumer.

    – Bright Post: The Benefits of Adding Light Dimming Options

  • Electrical Accidents Blog


    Electrical Accidents Blog promotes safety and awareness of electrical hazards. Dense with useful advice, it’s great for anyone really trying to be safer concerning electricity.

    – Bright Post: Nebraska Beef Fined $61,084: Electrical Safety

  • EPCO Blog


    The EPCO blog posts on electrical engineering and lighting, specifically on different advancements and news that is incredibly useful to those working in the field.

    – Bright Post: Affordable LED Adoption is Not an Oxymoron

  • Electrical Engineering


    Electrical Engineering is a site for students in the field to better equip themselves with info for the electrical engineering classes they’re taking. The site has a very impressive list of offerings to sort through for studying.

    – Bright Post: Electrical Power Transformer | Definition and Types of Transformer

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    Electricity News

    The business of electricity is huge, and affects everyone, so the fact that there are plenty of news sites and journalists covering electricity, as well as businesses sharing insights through their corporate websites, is an all around great thing.

    1. EE Times


      EE Times is one of the most prominent voices in the global electronics community, evident from their wide-ranging content and informative pieces.

      – Bright Post: Power Management

    2. tED Magazine


      The Electrical Distribution Magazine is dense with the latest news, features, and great multimedia content. For electricians and electrical engineers alike, it’s a need-to-read publication due to its incredible depth.

      – Bright Post: Digital Edition

    3. Your Energy Blog: Electric


      Your Energy Blog is comprised of some of the most formidable sources on effectively powering the world we live in. The electric section is very informative due to its wide-ranging content that typically illustrates some of the best ways electricity is making strides to be the most renewable source in the 21st century.

      – Bright Post: Transactive Energy: The Next Big Deal for the Smart Grid

    4. Electrician Forum


      Electrician Forum provides useful articles on different developments concerning energy in just about every form, of course with a focus on how these different pieces are relevant to being an electrician. The site has great sections on training, electrician jobs, energy service news, and much more.

      – Bright Post: Have Tools, Will Travel

    5. Daily Energy Report


      Daily Energy Report emphasizes the rapid rate of developments in energy by publishing the best and most useful news articles and developments daily. Through the multiple sections on the site, users can find great information on just about any subject pertaining to energy.

      – Bright Post: Energy Efficiency

    6. Electrical News

      Electrical News caters their content to specific parts of the country and even has a section devoted to global news, making it the most geographically superior electrical news blog available. The site excels also through its large library of photos and their ability to identify upcoming staffing trends.

      – Bright Post: Videos

    7. Electrical Wholesaling


      Electrical Wholesaling is a unique voice that helps to make the discussion of electrical distribution more prominent. The site does a great job of providing engaging posts through their “Latest Features” and “Latest Articles” areas.

      – Bright Post: Electrical Economy

    8. Energy Acuity Blog


      Energy Acuity Blog takes large strides to stay at the forefront of what is happening in the energy community and provides insight online for upcoming developments. This site is great for electrical engineers to see what they may be soon working with.

      – Bright Post: Our Products

    9. Energy Industry Today: Electricity


      Energy Industry Today: Electricity is a page that should definitely be viewed on a regular basis if you’re a professional working in this field. Aside from great posts on the industry and real-time developments, their presswire looks at information from around the world pertaining to electricity.

      – Bright Post: Solar Power for Homes Offer Means for Lessening Electricity Bills

    10. Electricity Blog


      Electricity Blog breaks down the best news in the field of electricity, along with providing different opinions and perspectives on many areas. The tips they provide for those working as electricians are also great because of their hands-on experience.

      – Bright Post: Electricity News and Tips

    11. Energy Trends Blog


      Energy Trends Blog underlines what electrical engineers and electricians will see concerning the United States energy generation and consumption. Posts show how different places around the country are investing in being more sustainable and renewable.

      – Bright Post: Portland’s Innovative Twist on Hydropower

    Beginning ↑

    Power Distribution & Smart Grid

    Since most of the energy we use daily is produced at massive coal plants, natural gas plants, and even solar and wind farms, getting that energy from where it is made to the millions of homes and businesses where it is used is a major challenge. Smart grid technology allows power to be routed in the most efficient manner so that as little as possible is lost in transit, and when smart grids are employed on a large scale, the energy savings can be massive. The problem of power distribution is far from solved though, and there are many firms working on it, and many writers covering the beat.

    1. Smart Grid News


      Smart Grid News looks at the latest and most important developments in the field of electricity and power. Their in-depth analysis is what sets them over the top and their post accentuates their professionalism.

      – Bright Post: Smart Grid Win: 10 Companies That Hit It Big

    2. Siemens Smart Grid Resource Center


      Siemens Smart Grid Resource Center looks at the most integral aspects of smart grid technology and how it is relevant to the changing landscape of electricity and energy in the 21st century.

      – Bright Post: Webinars

    3. Smart Grid Today


      Smart Grid Today is a forward-thinking site that breaks down the latest in electricity and provides useful reflection on the industry. The many different topics and tools, along with information on upcoming events and community information make it a great source.

      – Bright Post: Tools Glossary

    4. Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative


      Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative is a nonprofit group that analyzes the demands of energy consumers in the United States and helps to share the information in a way that benefits all. This is great for electricians and electrical engineers to see how the landscape of the field will be changing.

      – Bright Post: Research

    5. Enernex


      Enernex focuses on electric power research, engineering, and consulting. Through these areas, the company is best suited to handle consulting and advising on different electrical issues, making them one of the most prominent voices today.

      – Bright Post: Services

    6. Smart Grid Insights


      Smart Grid Insights analyzes different elements to research pertaining to electricity and its practical application concerning grids and networks. Featuring a well-designed page and great information, the site is very useful.

      – Bright Post: News

    7. Edison Foundation – Innovation, Electricity, Efficiency


      The Edison Foundation’s division of Innovation, Electricity, and Efficiency provides a great meeting place for all those involved in electricity and promoting safer more efficient standards for the rapidly changing face of energy today. Always up to date, the site’s “What’s New” section showcases innovative reports and videos.

      – Bright Post: What’s New

    8. Smart Grid Library


      Smart Grid Library works to deliver cutting-edge information on electricity grids and they also publish a handful of great publications in the field.

      – Bright Post: Consulting Services

    9. ABB Smart Grid Update with Gary Rackliffe


      ABB Smart Grid Update with Gary Rackliffe shows all the interesting ways that Smart Grid technology is consistently reaffirming itself as common practice in energy use. The site discusses different smart gird trends and useful technologies to be aware of.

      – Bright Post: The Business Case for Renewable Distribution Generation

    10. IEEE Smart Grid News


      IEEE Smart Grid News keeps those in the industry up-to-date with their useful pages and breakdowns through different sections of content. The company maintains excellent foresight into this field.

      – Bright Post: Electricity Today

    11. NTS-AT Smart Grid Blog & News


      NTS-AT Smart Grid Blog & News is great because it approaches news articles in a way that allows others to look at things through the lens of those working to implement smart grid technology. The site also has a live help section for discussing issues with other professionals.

      – Bright Post: Electric Cars to Study Impact on Grid

    12. Smart Grid Sherpa


      Smart Grid Sherpa engages readers with an impressive display of articles that look at each aspect of smart grids with refined focus. By presenting guidance on every facet of smart grid technology, the site is aptly equipped to support those in the field.

      – Bright Post: Investing in Asia: How the Region’s Exponential Growth in Power Demand is Challenging the Energy Industry

    13. The Smart Grid


      The Smart Grid breaks down the latest in energy and electricity news, along with useful opinions on the latest developments. It’s very useful because of the nature of the content, frequently focusing on Europe.

      – Bright Post: Tales from PowerTech 2013 in Grenoble

    14. The Smart Grid Security Blog


      The Smart Grid Security Blog tactfully meets the need to bridge digital information to power generation, transmission, distribution, and other power elements. The professional tone of the posts is what makes the blog so successful and helps establish it further as an important site in the field.

      – Bright Post: Major SPIDERS (DOD Secure Microgrid) Update

    15. Making Sense of Smart Grid Blog


      Making Sense of Smart Grid Blog goes step-by-step through power grids and the developments taking place currently. Interestingly, the site, while focused on Oregon, still has valuable information for all parts of the country.

      – Bright Post: Designing the Smart Grid for Sustainable Communities

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    Electricity Basics

    When it comes to electricity, even the most basic knowledge can help you be safer around the house, or even help you do a fun DIY wiring project. You don’t have to go to electrical engineering school to learn about power and make use of basic premises to do something fun or useful.

    1. DIY Network Electric


      The DIY Network Electrical page details how one can make a variety of items and handle different electrical issue by themselves. Awesome tips for every sort of project are inside and definitely worth the time.

      – Bright Post: How to Replace a Light Fixture with a Ceiling Fan

    2. EEVBlog


      Billing themselves as “off-the-cuff,” Electronics Engineering Video Blog has a candid take on content for electronics engineers, hobbyists, hackers, and makers. The content is, not only engaging, but incredibly amusing, making it great for a novice or veteran electrical engineer.

      – Bright Post: Forum

    3. Edison Electric Institute: Electricity 101


      The Edison Electric Institute’s Electricity 101 page provides great information on electricity, ranging from its history to its value and efficiency. The organization has long stood as an integral part of the electricity community and continues to lead the way on many fronts.

      – Bright Post: Basics

    4. Magnet Lab Interactive Tutorials


      Magnet Lab of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory has many different tutorials that allow students to educate themselves on a number of issues pertaining to electrical engineering and what the career entails.

      – Bright Post: Alternating Current

    5. Clean Line Energy Partners Informational Sheets and Booklets


      Clean Line Energy Partners outlines all the most important information pertaining to electricity, covering the basics, history, and even activities designed for each level of schooling. This makes it a great tool for teachers as well as electricians attempting to better educate others.

      – Bright Post: Whoa! Learn: Electricity

    6. Bright Hub Electrical Engineering


      Bright Hub Electrical Engineering showcases the latest information in electronics and how those working as electrical engineers can be best equipped to tackle the challenges in the field. The posts are great, largely because of the range in content, but consistent quality.

      – Bright Post: Consumer Appliances and Electronics

    7. The Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits


      The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits is a fantastic online resource that highlights the intricacies of electric circuits in a very innovative way. They convey information that is both colorful and educational.

      – Bright Post: About This Site

    8. Greatest Achievements: Electrification


      Greatest Achievements: Electrification gives appropriate credit to the technological innovators who have contributed extensively to the lifestyle we live. The site breaks down 20 major engineering accomplishments of the 20th century and shows how these people were able to attain the breakthroughs they did.

      – Bright Post: Timeline

    9. History of Electric Co-ops


      The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association has a great section on the history of electric co-ops that began in 1935. The information on the site is very informative on how rural areas gain electricity.

      – Bright Post: Electricity 101

    10. A Ridiculously Brief History of Electricity


      A Ridiculously Brief History of Electricity is a concise recounting of how electricity came to be and provides useful books and eBooks concerning it as well. The site’s to-the-point style allows for people to quickly get up to speed on electricity.

      – Bright Post: Books

    11. The History of Electricity – A Timeline


      The History of Electricity – A Timeline is great because of its density of facts pertaining to electricity and how it chronicles all the information. It’s a great page to glance over when one is inquiring to the entire process the creation of electricity.

    12. Powering The Past: A Look Back


      Powering The Past: A Look Back chronicles all the developments in the field of electricity over the last few hundred years and is dense with great historical information. The pictures included on the site are very engaging and detail the how long of a process it has been to obtain electricity.

      – Bright Post: Origin of Electrical Power

    13. Electrical Technology


      Electrical Technology blogs about different aspects to the field with sections including an EE-Library, Q&A, Electrical Wiring, and much more. The terrific posts give great how-to information on different facets of electrical engineering.

      – Bright Post: How To Calculate or Find the Value of SMD Resistors

    14. Electrical Knowledge


      Electrical Knowledge is a premier source of information pertaining to electrical engineering. The posts provide great depth into many of the different laws of electricity.

      – Bright Post: Electric

    15. The Physics Classroom: Current Electricity


      The Physics Classroom is a fantastic educational tool that outlines different pieces of science in a fun, but informative manner. The current electricity chapter is a great crash-course for anyone looking for a refresher on how electricity works.

      – Bright Post: Electric Field and the Movement of Charge

    16. Electricity Guide


      Electricity Guide is straightforward walkthrough on electricity in the United Kingdom and helps educate others on how to avoid electrical accidents, where electricity comes from, and many other aspects. It’s a great way to help get kids to understand the importance of safety around electricity.

      – Bright Post: Industry Info

    17. Electrical

      AboutcomElectrical Electrical page is an integral guide for getting the most useful advice on preventing a disaster due to electricity. Additionally, they outline how electricity works and how different cables work.

      – Bright Post: Room-By-Room Electrical Codes

    18. Edison Tech Center


      Edison Tech Center provides an in-depth look at all the ways electricity has impacted or will impact our lives through different advancements over the years. There’s a great hall of fame that accompanies videos, web pages, forums, and much more.

      – Bright Post: Resources

    19. Swanson Technologies Electricity Tutorial


      Swanson Technologies has a great electricity tutorial that accentuates some of the best ways to get started when wondering about elements of being an electrician and electrical engineer. The site’s content is very impressive, particularly on how they break down more complex concepts into easy-to-understand pieces.

      – Bright Post: The Art of Picking Intel Registers

    20. The Electricity Grid: A History


      The Electricity Grid: A History is incredibly informative to those looking to understand how the contemporary grid structure that is the mainstay of power rose to such prominence. The page is very detailed and useful in a number of ways.

      – Bright Post: Power Grid Technology

    21. Electric Circuits and Fields


      The Nuffield Foundation’s Electric Circuits and Fields page is dense with facts pertaining to all sorts of information about electricity and its practical application. The page also has lots of educational material.

      – Bright Post: Simple Electric Circuits

    22. General History of Electrical Transmission in California


      General History of Electrical Transmission in California is a site with an impressive display of content that provides great detail into the implementation of electrical transmission in the state of California in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s. For those working in this field, the site is a go-to resource for illustrating how far we’ve come even in 150 years.

      – Bright Post: Electricity

    23. Early History of Electric Power


      Early History of Electric Power is a straightforward timeline breaking down all the latest milestones in electricity and provides great pictures for seeing how that particular experiment was useful.

      – Bright Post: Orsted’s Experiment

    24. Electricity Storage Technology


      Electricity Storage Technology highlights increasingly useful routes companies are taking to further implement new methods for harnessing more electricity. Additionally, the site has a plethora of tabs for educating one’s self on different parts of the electricity process.

      – Bright Post: Bulk Wind Generation to Distributed Storage

    25. Electricity


      Electricity is a great educational tool due to their breadth of information on the particularities on the subject. Its dense amount of content is great for students as well.

      – Bright Post: Atoms and Molecules

    26. Electronics Tutorials


      Electronics Tutorials are administered by a professional electronics engineer, so you can rest assured that quality stands behind these instructionals. While the site is fairly new, the content is still very impressive and has a large amount of offerings.

      – Bright Post: Resistor Color Code

    27. Electrical Objective Questions with Answers


      Electrical Objective Questions with Answers is a guide to what you can expect in academia for questions pertaining to electrical engineering and its practical application in professional settings. If you’re already working, it functions as a nicer tool for refreshing.

      – Bright Post: Electronic Devices: Part-3 Objective Questions

    28. NDT Resource Center: Electricity


      The Electricity section from the NDT Resource Center has a very nice breakdown of all the best information in the electricity field. It’s a great guide for those who need a refresher on the basics or perhaps are currently in school.

      – Bright Post: What Is Electricity?

    29. All About Circuits


      All About Circuits provides a series of textbooks online to cover various facets of electrical research and how it can best be understood. For those looking for more information on how circuits work and their wiring, it’s a fantastic starting place.

      – Bright Post: Volume I – DC

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    Various Topics

    The community of electrical engineers, electrical history buffs, hobbyists and professionals all working with “juice” is huge, and there are a wide variety of sites and apps that make it easier to get involved and learn more.

    1. Engerati


      Designed as a meeting place for energy professionals, Engerati allows them to come together and connect, learn, and share. The site exceeds expectations through its wealth of resources available to professionals, particularly the articles, community, reports, and upcoming events.

      – Bright Post: News

    2. The Electric Universe


      The Electric Universe is great because of the genuine curiosity of site-runner Wal Thornhill and the exploration of different elements of electricity. Included are 12 synopses on the site and it’s a great source for the history of electricity.

      – Bright Post: Synopsis Part 1

    3. Carry-On Software


      Carry-On Software is the site of an app developer who makes useful tools for electricians. Some of the apps he’s created allow people to calculate voltage, find the opacity, and calculate the voltage drop in a line. This is a great way to help streamline some of the things electricians commonly do.

      – Bright Post: Electrician’s Helper

    4. TowersRound e-Engineer


      TowersRound e-Engineer equips electricians and electrical engineers with the information to complete common calculations pertinent to electrical engineering. The portability of this app makes it a necessity for the modern day electrical engineer.

      – Bright Post: Off-Road Images

    5. Electric Pilot


      Electric Pilot is a search engine designed for the electrical industry and succeeds tremendously in providing the most adequate information for anyone looking to better educate themselves concerning electricity.

      – Bright Post: Fluke Corp: What Are The Most Important Functions On A Multimeter

    6. iCircuit


      iCircuit is a real time circuit stimulator and editor that makes a great tool for students, engineers, and even hobbyists. It helps those using the app to work out issues before using real circuits, which is perfect for refining skills.

      – Bright Post: iCircuit on the App Store

    7. Electrical Forum


      Electrical Forum is one of the foremost sites for electricians and electrical engineers in the United Kingdom to meet and discuss different regulations and issues that they may face many times on the job. Additionally, there is a great blog for just learning and reading.

      – Bright Post: General Forum for All Topics Electrical

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