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With the electronics industry developing at lightning speed, it’s time traditional ways of working caught up with modern developments. No longer is it feasible to rely upon paper-based electronical guidelines to check charts. For one, these may not always be to hand, and secondly, searching through reams of text can be quite time-consuming for busy sparkys. But surely there’s another way, perhaps a smart electrical app?

The app

The Electrical Tools (and Reference) app was developed by a seasoned electrician with over 25 years’ experience working in the field to make life that little bit easier and quicker for electricians out and about on jobs. Packed full of the commonly used charts needed to carry out everyday jobs, as well as in-built, pre-programmed calculators for quick and easy access, the app reducing the need to carry around the regulations handbook (BS 7671) – speeding up the whole process as a result. Could this be the best electrical app for electrical contractors ?

Cuts down on mistakes

Experienced sparkys will know a lot more than an amateur. But that doesn’t mean to say they know everything. And sometimes human error occurs and mistakes are made. Having all the information they could possibly need in the palm of their hand makes it quick and easy for both experienced electricians, electrical contractors and newbies to get it right first time.

Leaves customers happy

A swift and competent worker will always rate more highly with customers than a slow one that makes mistakes. Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction every time, the app is invaluable for small one man bands that rely on word of mouth, and electrical contractors large and small that have a reputation to keep up.

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Smart Apps for Smart Electricians

Electrical Calculator for Windows Phone

Electrical App for Windows Phone

Electrical App for Windows Phone

Electrical Calc’s for the Windows Phone is a multiple electrical calculator which includes Watts Amps Volts, Max Zs Values, kVA Calculator GenSet Calculator, Power Factor Calculator and many more for single & three phase calculations. Take the headache out of electrical calculations, let the app do the math!

Windows Electrical Apps

Watch Electrical Calc’s in action!

Watch this demo video to see how easy it is to use.

A handy and simple to use electrical calculator for electricians and electrical engineers.


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  • Watts 2 Amps
  • kVA Calculator

File weight

< 1 MB

Last updated



Works with

  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone 7.5
  • Windows Phone 7

App requires

  • photo, music and video libraries
  • data services
  • HD720P (720×1280)
  • WVGA (480×800)
  • WXGA (768×1280)

What’s this?

Supported languages (1)

Multiple Electrical Calculators in one app, great for the electrician, 
electrical engineer, surveyor and electrical designers needing to carry 
out fast and accurate power calculations or to check electrical references 
out in the field, in the workshop or design office. 

Electrical Calc's Version 1.0 Includes:
+ Genset Calculator
+ Genset Load Calculator
+ Watts, Amps, Volts Calculator - ( Ohms Law )
+ kVA Calculator
+ Power Factor
+ Max Zs Values Calculator (earth loop impedance values)
+ kW
+ kWh
+ Single Phase
+ Three Phase.
+ Calculate to or from a numours of different electrical values.


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Cool for quid.


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Very useful quick  reference.

Windows Electrical Apps

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Pro Certs Software Launches New App Website

Pro Certs Software Launches New App Website

Pro Certs Software launch a new website for electrical apps, check it out here:

electrician apps

Electrical Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad & WP7

Electrical Apps,

Electrical apps by Pro Certs Software on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7 for electricians and electrical engineers…

Max Zs Values App for Windows Phone

Max Zs Values App for Windows Phone 7

Max Zs Values App for Windows Phone 7

Max Zs Values App for Windows Phone 7Calculate the maximum permitted Zs values (earth loop impedance) for MCB’s, RCBO’s & Fuses.

Make your selections from the drop down box’s and your max Zs result will be displayed.

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  • MCB Values
  • RCBO Values
  • Fuse values
  • 100% Values
  • Temperature Adjusted Values
  • 0.4 Seconds Disconnection Times
  • 0.2 Seconds Disconnection Times
  • 5 Seconds Disconnection Times

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Watts 2 Amps for Android

Free Watts 2 Amps Calculator for Windows Phone 7

Watts 2 Amps Calculator for Windows Phone 7

View in Market PlaceCalculate and convert watts into amps with the click of a button. Enter the watts value, enter the volts value, click convert and the amps value will be displayed.


  • Calculate / convert single phase Watts into Amps
  • Email us direct from the info page
  • Link to our website
  • Link to our Facebook page
  • Link to our Twitter page
  • Share app details with a friend
  • Link to details on our other electrical apps

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Max Zs Values for Windows Phone 7

Max Zs Values for Windows Phone 7

Zs Values - Earth Loop Impedance ValuesMax Zs Values

Max Zs Values

Calculate maximum zs values / earth loop impedance values with the click of a button.


  • 100% values
  • 80% values
  • 0.2 seconds disconnection times
  • 0.4 seconds disconnection times
  • 5 seconds disconnection times
  • Hints displayed when certian devices are selected
  • Help page
  • Info page
  • Email us directly from the info page of the app
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Genset Calculator for Windows Phone 7

Genset Calculator for Windows Phone 7

Genset Calculator for Windows Phone 7

From kVA 3 Phase

On the Appliance’s page of the genset calculator app you can input and save up to 20 appliances or loads and their Watts values you normally use with your genset, you can then select a number of appliances you wish to run off your genset and check the load with the genset load calculator checker, the genset load calculator will then calculate the max load of your genset and inform you if you exceed the maximum load.

We have also included detailed 3 page Gen Set Sizing Info page’s which explains all of the Gen Set gargon with very useful references explaining different types of loads, types of generators, power factor values, starting currents, motor loads ect….

There is also a help page associated with the Load Checker. You can email us directly from the app with any update requests or enquires.


– Gen Set Max Load kVA
– Appliance / Tool Load kW
– Load calculator / Load checker
– Running %
– kVA
– kWh
– Amps
– Watts
– kW
– Three Phase
– Single Phase

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