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Electrical Testing & Inspecting Software

Produce electrical certificates to BS 7671.

Produce, edit, save, print and share PDF Electrical Installation Certificates ( EIC ), Electrical Installation Condition Reports ( EICR ) and Minor Works (  MW ) certificates with ease.

You can also print blank electrical certificates for site use ready for in-putting in to the electrical inspection app at a later date.

Blank Electrical Certificates

Print blank template electrical certificates



Produce UNLIMITED Certificates

Produce, email & print unlimited electrical certificates with our subscription plan available for iPad, Android Tablet, Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Tablets.


Easy to Setup and Use

Easy to navigate from a home page with icons for each task. Choose your preferred text heading colours, add your clients details and installation addresses. Setup your contractor details, add engineers, company logo and test kit serial numbers.  Click here for initial setup instructions. 


Save Print & Email PDF Certificates

Save your electrical  certificates as a PDF file for easy printing, sharing and emailing while out in the field directly from your device. Save your PDF files to iCloud Drive or Dropbox (iOS).  Email your  certificates as a PDF file directly to your client.​

Consumer / Client Friendly Certificates


We have implemented a clear red = FAIL, green = PASS to the PDF files to help give the client a clearer picture and a better understanding of the report.

PASS = Green
C1 / FAIL = Red
C2 = Amber
FI = Amber
C3 = Blue
N/A or LIM = Black

Available on Android iOS iPad & Windows 10
For more information on the ‘Pro Certs’ app for producing electrical certificates – The Electrical Testing & Certification app visit procertssoftware.com/pro-certs



Electrical Software

Electrical Software

Electrical Software

Software for electricians and electrical contractors.
New electrical software from Pro Certs Software for PC, MAC, Mobile and Tablets.

A user friendly electrical software for Electrical Contractors & Engineers. Cable size pro calculator, volt drop calculators and electrical calculations. Produce electrical circuit cable size calculations in seconds, select and calculate cable sizes, calculate volt drop, kVA, earthing, bonding and cpc sizes and max Zs values. Easily select and set protective devices and options from the dropdown lists. Also includes a list of handy reference charts.

Cable Calculator

Calculate cable sizes for swa, twin & earth and singles up to 400mm with this handy cable size calculator. The cable calculator calculates the cable size taking in to account of volt drop, load, protective device, installation method, ambient temperature and max Zs value. Select from the pre set options for a quick and easy cable calc with the pro cable calc.

Volt Drop Calculator

Calculate volt drop for swa, twin & earth and single insulated cables. Selected your cable type drop the drop down list, choose your cable size and input the load, voltage and length of cable to calculate the volt drop. A volt drop calculator for A.C. radial circuits.

Adiabatic Equation

An easy to use adiabatic equation calculator for calculating the minimum cpc earth size. Select from the options in the drop down lists, auto sets the selected cable k value, it couldn’t be easier.

Main Earth Size Calculator

Calculate the main earth size by selecting the earthing system, type of earthing conductor, installation method and hit calculate! Job Done.

Electrical Calculators

This electrical software also includes many useful electrical calculators such as:

  • kVA Calculator
  • Watts Amps Volts Calculator
  • Max Zs Value Calculator
  • Volt Drop Calculator
  • Cable Size Calculator
  • Earthing & Bonding Sizing Calculator
  • Adiabatic Equation
  • R1+R2 Zs Calculator
  • Convert ring circuits end to end r1+r2 reading to R1+R2 (figure of four calculator)


Electrical Charts

The current version of this software ( V.29/03/2014) includes many electrical reference charts for easy look up of installation methods, bathroom zones, swa cleat size chart, swa gland size chart, EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report example observations and codes, EICR frequency of inspections chart, SPD surge protection, RCD trip times and much more….

System Requirements

This electrical software will be available as a free update to our current electrical app “Electrical Tools & Reference” which is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, Mobile, Windows Phone, Amazon Apps and Google Chrome Apps. The PC version of this electrical software will currently works in any web browser including Windows PC & MAC.

Electrical Software Download

You can demo our current free electrical software version of this software for PC, MAC & Mobile here: www.electrician-apps.com/apps/Project1
For mobile apps click on the app store buttons on the right hand side for our selection of electrical software for mobile or tablet.

Electrical Software Demo

For further information on this electrical software visit http://www.procertssoftware.com/electrical-software

Electrical Calculator for Windows Phone

Electrical App for Windows Phone

Electrical App for Windows Phone

Electrical Calc’s for the Windows Phone is a multiple electrical calculator which includes Watts Amps Volts, Max Zs Values, kVA Calculator GenSet Calculator, Power Factor Calculator and many more for single & three phase calculations. Take the headache out of electrical calculations, let the app do the math!

Windows Electrical Apps

Watch Electrical Calc’s in action!

Watch this demo video to see how easy it is to use.

A handy and simple to use electrical calculator for electricians and electrical engineers.


9 reviews

More from Pro Certs Software Ltd

  • Watts 2 Amps
  • kVA Calculator

File weight

< 1 MB

Last updated



Works with

  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone 7.5
  • Windows Phone 7

App requires

  • photo, music and video libraries
  • data services
  • HD720P (720×1280)
  • WVGA (480×800)
  • WXGA (768×1280)

What’s this?

Supported languages (1)

Multiple Electrical Calculators in one app, great for the electrician, 
electrical engineer, surveyor and electrical designers needing to carry 
out fast and accurate power calculations or to check electrical references 
out in the field, in the workshop or design office. 

Electrical Calc's Version 1.0 Includes:
+ Genset Calculator
+ Genset Load Calculator
+ Watts, Amps, Volts Calculator - ( Ohms Law )
+ kVA Calculator
+ Power Factor
+ Max Zs Values Calculator (earth loop impedance values)
+ kW
+ kWh
+ Single Phase
+ Three Phase.
+ Calculate to or from a numours of different electrical values.


by woody  


Cool for quid.


by Player712241179


Very useful quick  reference.

Windows Electrical Apps

17th Edition Zs Values

Max Zs Values for iPhone, iPad

17th Edition Zs ValuesDescription

Calculate maximum permitted Zs values (earth loop impedance) as per BS7671, also includes temperature adjusted values.

Using the picker wheel select the protective device (fuse’s, MCB’s, RCBO’s) and device rating to calculate the maximum permitted Zs value for your selected device.

+ BS7671 Amd 1 2011 17th Edition Values
+ BS EN device’s
+ Fuse’s, MCB’s, RBCO’s
+ 100% values
+ 80% values
+ 0.4 second disconnection times
+ 0.2 second disconnection times
+ 5 second disconnection times



It’s just what I needed, works really well and values meet BS7671 Amd 1.


A first class app, the best one of this type and I have tried them all.


Zs Values iOS

Win a electrician’s app competition

Win an electrician’s app from Pro Certs Software.

Pro Certs Software are experts at developing electrical Apps for electricians. Their range of mobile phone and tablet Apps are a useful addition to any electricians toolkit for both calculation and reference:
■Electrical Tools and Reference
■Max Zs Calculator
■Cable Size Calculator
■KVA Calculator

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The competition will be open from 22nd September until midnight on 7th October and the winner will be published on the Pro Certs Software FaceBook page.

Good luck, and you can find more info about Electricians Apps in the Category Section.

Your feed back on any electrical apps you’ve used would be welcome. Good luck!

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Power Capacitors App leaked prior to official launch

Power Capacitors App leaked prior to official launch.

Power Capacitors App gets nearly 700 downloads from word of mouth alone!

Power Capacitors Limited, were all set to officially launch their free Power Factor Correction Android app this week when they discovered the world wide web had already done it for them. As preparations were being made for the announcement they discovered there had already been nearly 700 downloads from word of mouth alone. Not only does this clever application calculate the KVAr requirements for Power Factor Correction installations but it also shows the amount of carbon you can save per year by installing Power Capacitors PFC.

Although it was designed for engineers its of great interest to both finance and environment professionals looking to reduce their costs and carbon production. It also includes a clever tech-contact feature which allows you to get a quick answer to any power quality problem straight from your device. “Its as near as we can get to having a power quality expert right there with you on site” said Power Capacitors Business Development Manager Michael Dawson. “If some friendly advice over the phone does not get to the bottom of it we are usually in a position to come to site free of charge to offer some suggestions.

We always felt there was a need for this kind of app and so we teamed up with one of the best technical app companies in the business “<a href="http://www.procertssoftware.com&quot; Pro Certs Software”.

Most industrial and commercial premises have the potential to be suffering from a poor power factor and needlessly paying “Reactive Power” charges. If there are reactive charges on your energy bill then Power Factor Correction can make them go away with a typical 2 year return on investment. If you don’t already have it you can download it free at <a href="http://electrician-apps.com/app/power-capacitors/"http://electrician-apps.com/app/power-capacitors/

About Power Capacitors Limited

Power Capacitors Limited is “Power Factor Correction” having specialised in power quality and only power quality since 1973. Their experience is as diverse as their customer base which over 38 years has grown to include large multi-national manufacturing companies, financial and utility companies to SMEs and private individuals.


Power Capacitors

Max Zs Values Calculator for iPhone & iPad

Max Zs Values Calculator for iPhone & iPad

Calculate the maximum permitted Zs values on your iPhone or iPad as per BS7671 17th edition regulations.


App of the Month by Voltimum

App of the Month by Voltimum

We are delighted to announce that our app Max Zs Values App for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone made it to the app of the month for May 2012 at voltimum.

Max Zs Values

Max Zs Values for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7

May’s App of the Month – Max Zs Values by Pro Certs Software

This App allows you to calculate maximum permitted Zs values (earth loop impedance) as per BS7671, and it also includes temperature adjusted values.

Price: £0.70 – £1.99

Platform: iPhone / Android / Windows Phone

Link to download the App:

Click here to download Max Zs Values for iPhone / iPad

Click here to download Max Zs Values for Android

Click here to download Max Zs Values for Windows Phone


Using the picker wheel select the protective device (fuse’s, MCB’s, RCBO’s) and device rating to calculate the maximum permitted Zs value for your selected device.

Results calculate:

  • BS7671 Amendment 1 2011 values
  • BS EN device’s
  • Fuse’s
  • MCB’s
  • RCBO’s
  • 100% values
  • 80% values
  • 0.4 second disconnection times
  • 0.2 second disconnection times
  • 5 second disconnection times

http://electrician-apps.com/app/max-zs-values  for iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phone 7