Electrical Apps for Electricians

Electrical Apps Android iPhone Kindle Windows

Electrical Apps for Electricians on iPhone Android Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle. Electrical reference and calculator apps which save time and money.

As electricians are all out hard at work pro certs software’s electrical apps for electricians are saving electricians time, effort and money with their custom designed electrical apps. Their electrical apps are available on Google Android, Apple iPhone & iPad, Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle devices.

Apps include a cable calculator, electrical tools & reference, Max Zs values to name just a few.  A full list of their electrical apps can be found here http://www.procertssoftware.com and here http://www.electrician-apps.com.




Electrician’s Blog App for Android

Check out this app from the ‘Electrician’s Blog’

This app from the Electrician’s Blog is full of great information, Q&A, and wiring diagrammes ect… a great app for electricians.

Don’t know the answer? You will find it here!

Electricians Blog