Smart Electrical Apps

Multi-purpose electrician’s app puts electrical tools in handy, accessible form

Smart Electrical Apps

Smart apps for smart Electricians

Electrical Tools is aimed at tradesmen in the electrical industry is giving professionals access to a range of tools and reference charts and tables through a single, user friendly app. The iOS and Android supported app from Pro Certs Software Ltd combines a series of applications to make day-to-day electrical calculations and decisions quickly.

The app aims to solve the problem of requiring multiple tools or having to second guess complex calculations. In contrast, the all-in-one Electrical Tools App (iOS) or Electrical Tools & Reference App (Android) gives those working in the electrical profession access to everything they need, right at their fingertips, eliminating the need to buy multiple apps, saving both time and money. The app takes all the hassle out of everyday calculations thanks to its sleek, straightforward interface that’s easy to operate and find just what’s needed for each task, including a single cable and max Zs values calculator.

The Founder of Pro Certs Software Ltd, said, “Searching for the right reference charts, tables, and tools for every electrical job can take time. But with the Pro Certs app, Electrical Tools, everything is just a touch of a button away, helping to speed up the job and ensure that everything is accurate. It can prove to be an invaluable tool for anyone working within the electrical sector.”

The Electrical Tools app is full of useful features from a watts, amps, and volts calculators to main earthing and bonding conductors size calculators. The app also contains reference charts and tables, perfect for double checking equipment type and other trade decisions, all of which support the BS 7671 regulations. The ability to make quick references means that the app is set to become an essential in electricians’ kits.

The Pro Certs Software brand is continuously innovating to bring users the tools they need. The firm already has updates in the pipeline that will not only make improvements to the existing tools available on the app but bring a range of extra functions, supporting users in their day-to-day roles even further.
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The app is available for purchase on the following platforms:
Windows Phone:


New free electrical app for iPad and iPhone

New free electrical app for iPad and iPhone

Electrical Tools & Reference for Android

Electrical Tools & Reference for Android

Electrical ToolsA multi-functional app which includes all our apps to date and will also include all our future apps with free updates along with reference charts and extras.





Version 2.0 Includes:

Max Zs Values
PFC Fault Current Calculator
Watts Amps Volts Calculator
kVA Calculator
Cable Wire Size Calculator
R1+ R2 Zs / Ze Calculator
SWA Steel Wire, Copper Equivalent Size
SWA Gland Sizing Charts
SPD Surge Charts
SWA Cleat Sizing Charts
RCD Maximum Permitted Trip Times

Electrical Tools Android












Free Amps 2 Watts Calculator App for Android

Free Amps 2 Watts Calculator App for AndroidAmps 2 Watts Calculator for Android

  Search for 'Amps 2 Watts' in AppsLib from your tablet.

Amps 2 Watts is a free electrical calculator from Pro Certs Software who design and build electrical apps solely for the electrical industry.

Avaliable from

  • Android
  • Amazon
  • AppLib

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Watts 2 Amps for Android

Free Watts 2 Amps Calculator for Windows Phone 7

Watts 2 Amps Calculator for Windows Phone 7

View in Market PlaceCalculate and convert watts into amps with the click of a button. Enter the watts value, enter the volts value, click convert and the amps value will be displayed.


  • Calculate / convert single phase Watts into Amps
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