Genset Calculator for Windows Phone 7

Genset Calculator for Windows Phone 7

Genset Calculator for Windows Phone 7

From kVA 3 Phase

On the Appliance’s page of the genset calculator app you can input and save up to 20 appliances or loads and their Watts values you normally use with your genset, you can then select a number of appliances you wish to run off your genset and check the load with the genset load calculator checker, the genset load calculator will then calculate the max load of your genset and inform you if you exceed the maximum load.

We have also included detailed 3 page Gen Set Sizing Info page’s which explains all of the Gen Set gargon with very useful references explaining different types of loads, types of generators, power factor values, starting currents, motor loads ect….

There is also a help page associated with the Load Checker. You can email us directly from the app with any update requests or enquires.


– Gen Set Max Load kVA
– Appliance / Tool Load kW
– Load calculator / Load checker
– Running %
– kVA
– kWh
– Amps
– Watts
– kW
– Three Phase
– Single Phase

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